TMT #2: Dover and the Elevators

This week's feature will be focusing on Dover and The Elevators, a garagey, surfy, punky band from Roanoke, VA.  As explained by band member Ryan Hansbarger:

"Dover uses TV's heavily in our persona so everything from our stage show to merch and inspirations draw from TV related things. We have TV related t-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers, cassettes, and CDs. We even made baseball cards for Dover of the band members and our TV's, completely outfitted with stats on the back and all. We also have 7 inch splits with our sister band L.A. Dies. A lot of our merch is free or negotiable, we would much rather people walk away with something to remember us by. We play movies at every show during our set, at the merch table we have the VHS cases of the feature films for the night. We try to have fun with it, and are constantly making new stuff."

By using the TV's throughout all of the band's visuals, they really set up their own brand and completely run with it. I think the VHS idea is really fun, as it makes people really interact with their merch station. The baseball cards are also an excellent idea, not just because I honestly don't know many bands that make them, but also because it makes the band more personal. It's important to be conscience of these types of decisions - in this case sticking with one motif worked for Dover. I can't exactly place it, but something about the merch as a whole reminds me of MTV from the late 1990's or early 2000's (aside from it being literally about television).

As far as their merch setup, they went with displaying the bulk of their items in a suitcase and displayed their prices in a picture frame. If you go to any thrift store you are bound to find a suitcase for extremely cheap, and a basic picture frame can be found at your local craft or dollar store. 

Also, nice play on Milton Glaser's "I <3 NY" design - using something that's familiar to most people but is completely different will most likely make them do a double take or be a conversation starter.


Find Dover and the Elevators online here!


TMT #1: Tiny Blue Ghost

Marissa here! Might as well get this thing started with my own band. Since I am a designer, I have COMPLETE control in my band's branding. I also have access to different studios on my college's campus depending on the class I am taking, so I also produce my own merch as well. This is our latest lineup of merch, with two shirt designs available. Since I silkscreen everything myself, I also created a series of limited edition posters with the same design as the black shirts. You can read more about our style in the Band + Brand editorial under the "Read" tab.