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Let this page point you in the right direction in producing your band's designs. Merch can get tricky and expensive really fast, but it doesn't always have to be so difficult. This will be a growing list of resources that you can utilize when brainstorming ideas. Remember to get quotes from multiple resources before making a final decision, you never know who can offer you the best price!

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On tour and ran out of merch?

Sometimes you sell out of items when your tour isn’t even close to being finished. This spreadsheet will give you contacts for smaller local shops across the country (United States for now) that could help you out along the way. The document is open to edit, so feel free to add any places you see fit.



  • Delta Media - Order in packs of 25, 50, or 100. they do not offer imprinting services.

  • National Audio Company - Order in packs of 25, 50, or 100. They DO offer imprinting + design services.

  • - Very wide range of items to choose from, but based in Canada so beware of shipping prices.

  • Sleeve City - Great for ordering clear cases in bulk - packs of 10 are only $3.95 (and many more items!)

  • Online Labels - Order cassette sticker labels here to print on yourself.

CD Duplication


  • Jiffy Shirts - Buy blank shirts in bulk for extremely cheap. Great for people who screen print on their own.

  • Relentless Merch - Wide range of options to choose from. Also does buttons, stickers and hats.

  • Allied Shirts - Great screen printing prices.

  • Merch Kitchen - Lowest prices on screen printing.

  • Rush Order Tees

  • Teespring - Sell shirts online without buying wholesale - set your price and you profit after production costs.


Enamel Pins

Guitar Picks